Screen Polishing by Boost:

At Boost, we have all the machinery and knowledge required to completely remove surface level scratches and significantly reduce the appearance of some deeper scratches by method of polishing.

Using speciliased machinery, we remove a microscopic layer of the glass which has been damaged with scratching, and buff the newly revealed layer to a pristine shine - leaving the device looking as good as new!

  • Apple

    All Apple iPhones from the latest iPhone 15 range, back to the original iPhone. We also polish Apple watches!

  • Android

    All the latest and most popular Samsung, Google, Huawei and Xiaomi devices.

Frequently asked questions

Does polishing remove all scratches?

All surface level scratches (those which you cannot feel under your nail) are completely removed. Heavier scratches may not be fully removed but their appearance will be reduced.

Does polishing reduce the strength of the glass?

No. The amount of glass removed via this process is so minimal that there will be no noticeable change to the strength of the glass.

Can curved screens be polished?

Yes. We can polish curved screens found on many Samsung Galaxy models (and others).

What about the oleophobic coating?

Most mobile phones have an oleophobic coating applied during manufacture. This coating helps deter water and finger marks from resting on the glass. The oleophobic coating is removed during the polishing process, however it is reapplied once the process is complete.

How long does it take?

Depending on the number of units you send us, we may be able to polish them all and return them to you on the same day they are received!