Screen Refurbishment by Boost:
4 Ways it can improve your bottom line

At Boost, we specialise in refurbishing original Apple OLED/LCD displays by carefully removing and replacing the damaged glass sitting on top of an otherwise fully functional display. With this, we bring graded and faulty Apple devices back to a grade A standard, with all the original functionality and performance you would expect from a brand new, factory-fresh Apple device.

Screen refurbishment is still a widely underused service, but due to an increasingly competitive market, and Apple's recent moves to increase serialisation of parts within their devices, screen glass replacement and polishing are becoming a core part of a well-established phone recycling business.

If your device only has surface level scratches, our polishing solution may be more suitable. Heavy scratches, cracks, smashes and loss of touch functionality should instead be remedied using the glass replacement method.

Read on to learn how you can take advantage of this service to stay ahead of your competition.

1. Refurbishing is cheaper than replacing

Refurbishing a display with us often costs less than 50% of the price of a good copy part. Plus, you don't need to invest time in sourcing, purchasing and installing any parts yourself. Simply send us your device, and receive it back, fully refurbished, within a few working days.

2. Don't compromise on quality

Installing a copy screen may be quick and easy, but leveraging our Screen Refurbishment service to recycle the original part instead provides many quality and performance benefits, all whilst saving you money.

The table below outlines just some of the reasons our Screen Refurbishment service is so popular.


3. Grow your sales channels

The market is changing. Many retailers, traders and insurers no longer buy stock with non-original components.

Online marketplaces like Backmarket are also making moves to phase out the sale of Apple devices with 'non-genuine' parts display messages.

At Boost Gadgets, we understand the need for repairs to be undetectable both by the end-user and by the manufacturer is growing, and guarantee your refurbished device will be error-free.

4. Reduce your returns

By re-using as many of the original Apple parts and materials as possible, our screens are look, feel and behave identical to a new screen direct from Apple. As a result, we have a faulty return rate of close to zero. And in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, our lifetime guarantee on all Screen Refurbishments will keep you covered.


Whether you buy faulty stock as standard, or it arrives as a byproduct of your normal trading or claims management activities, having an action plan and route to market for your damaged devices is key to maximise returns and minimise the cost of repair.

Our screen refurbishment service will maximise the value of your device and the speed at which you can re-sell it.

Contact us today to discuss how we can integrate this service into your trading model.

Example results

iPhone 12 Pro Max - Impact damage insurance claim

iPhone 11 Pro Max - Heavily damaged buyback

iPhone 12 - Heavily damaged buyback